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destination wedding italy florence

Your dream destination wedding Italy!

What are the best destination wedding locations in Europe?It's not a mirage. Are you ready to daydream?...
how long does it take to build house italy

How much does it cost to build a house in Italy?

Why build in Italy?Evocative towns, a warm atmosphere and pleasurable lifestyle. Gorgeous scenery, a vibrant cultural scene and...
italian food guide

Italian Food Names and Types of Meal

Lasagna, pesto, ossobuco, panna cotta… wherever you are, whatever the occasion Italian food names make you ravenous! Craving a morsel of Italian...
coronavirus update

Coronavirus Italy – We’re keeping you updated

Coronavirus Italy Update 26/10/2020 10.00 am2 weeks ago I wrote down a list of new restrictions that...
alchimia school florence

Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School: Dazzling opportunities in the heart of Renaissance Florence

Do precious stones and glistening metals fill your dreams?Have you been forever aimlessly sketching rings and bracelets...
italian wedding dresses

Italian Wedding Dresses

Times are changing. Everyone claims to have a contemporary outlook on engagements, relationships and family life. But the big white wedding is...
get paid to test websites

Get Paid to Test Websites

Websites to make money from… yeah, right, we’ve all heard about it in the grapevine. But is it just a rumor or...
winery fine wine montalcino italy

Why Does Fine Wine Get Better With Age?

"Altro il vino non è se non la luce del sole mescolata con l'umido della vite”“Wine is a blend of sunlight and...

Italian Classical Music and the Soundtracks you Can’t Live Without

Endearing love melodies and spirited folk ballads. Brave patriotic songs and passionate opera pieces. Are you thinking “yeah, I guess the Italian oldies...
best italian movies on netflix

The Best Italian Movies on Netflix

Italian Movies on NetflixMade In Italy movies are hot!Comedies, dramas and mysteries. Romance and crime. Each with that...
italian bread recipe

Types of Italian Bread

How do you say bread in Italian? Pa-ne (PAH-ne)!That’s it, now you know how to...
catania italy tours

The 7 Best Tours of Italy in 2021

Best Italy Tours 2021We don't know when, but we'll start again travelling. We are troubled and distressed, longing...
Italian words endearment

Italian Words of Endearment

"When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore” Italian-American Dean Martin used to croon.

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