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Florence Movie Theatre


Cinema in Florence: the complete list 

Sometimes in the heat of July/August, you don’t want to be under the boiling sun 24/7. Sometimes you deserve a good old air-conditioned room, that isn’t just your apartment (plus I mean you need to be lucky in Florence to find AC in a house). Sometimes you just wanna sit in a nice comfy chair munching on some popcorn and candy and downing a huge soda. This is what we’re bringing to you today, we’re giving you list of indoor cinemas in the Florence area. So as you’re looking for cinema in Florence on your search bar, we’ll make sure to help you out. Because you need some Florence movie theatre to fall back on in times of need. We’re gonna divide the category in two VO (Italian for Versione Originale, so not dubbed, at least you can say you found an English movie theatre near me with maps) and plain Italian cinema.

florence movie theatre

Florence Movie Theater: the complete list of Cinema in Florence


Piazza degli Strozzi

One of Florence’s first cinemas, the other was Gambrinus where you can now find the Hard Rock café. This is the top VO cinema in Florence, I mean it’s where you want to go, plus it’s right in the center of the city. Here you’ll usually find the Blockbuster hits, so if you’re jonesing for that new Marvel flick this is where you’re gonna go.


Spazio Alfieri Cinema Teatro Bistrò

Via dell’Ulivo, 6

Spazio Alfieri is right between the area of Santa Croce and Sant’Ambrogio, here you’ll find some arthouse cinema with subtitles, and at times you’ll probably get the chance to see a theatre show. It’s a proper “Centro Culturale” where you’ll get a chance to see a bit of the scene in Florence.

Cinema La Compagnia

Via Camillo Cavour, 50/R

An ex-theatre brought back to life with a modern twist, you’ll see this Cinema on the way to San Marco from the Duomo. A selection of arthouse cinema is shown here as well, so you’ll get a chance to see some foreign films with subtitles, and what’s better than that? I mean you’ll be on the same level as every other Italian that has to read and watch at the same time. Most of the times the subtitles will be in Italian, but hey you’re also to learn the language and reading is way easier than having to listen.

Cinema Stenses

Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, 25/c

Well, I mean the last three VO cinemas I’m talking about present a selection of arthouse, cause hey Florence is a cultural hub. Cinema Stensen isn’t only in it’s location, but rather it has a contract with the Estate Fiesolana that makes them show movies at the Teatro Romano di Fiesole (I’ll be adding it to the map, in the end, don’t worry) out in the open. Most of the movies shown there will be in VO and from what I saw in the selection most will be in English.


Movie Theatres in Italian


Viale Giacomo Matteotti


Multisala Fiamma

Via Antonio Pacinotti, 13

The Space Cinema Firenze

Centro Commerciale San Donato
Via di Novoli, 2


Multisala Portico

Via Capo di Mondo, 66

Cinemas in Florence maps

10 Italian slang expression you need to know pt.2


So we’re pretty sure you learned how to say all the most used slang words in Italy from our past post, but we also know that you’re here to learn this beautiful “lingua”. Obvs, we won’t be giving a traditional “Buongiorno”, “Buonasera”, “Ciao”, rather we’ll be looking at some more slang, cause slang is life and culture (wow fancy smancy Chris). Anyway, let’s look at another 10 Italian slangs you can’t live without and some other stuff on StudentsVille.


tshirts in rome

What is Stupid in Italian ?

Sometimes you just can’t take it anymore and someone is just too darn stupid to keep talking to, or they always have to show off for no reason, they may be a bit extra, but without the proper amount of confidence. These are those people that sometimes one person can’t stand and you have to just tell it as it is, so in this case just turn around and shout “STUPIDO!”. To be used in phrases like “oh ma quanto sarai stupido?” – how stupid could you possibly be? – “sei proprio uno stupido” – you’re just plain old stupid.

Thank You in Italian slang

So maybe someone was out and about and called you Stupido, but you’re not one to just get angry on the first offence, especially if the person in question is stupider than yourself (at least in your opinion), maybe you’re a jolly good fellow that takes everything with a bit of joy and you live by the “kill’em with kindness” motto. In this occasion, you might want to answer with a thank you, and that’s where we come in and teach you the obvs “Grazie”, or you can slang it up a bit with “Bella“.

To be used in response to many situations where you’re pleased, just in case you didn’t know how to use thank you.

How do you say My God in Italian ?


Now it’s been more than 2 hours and you’re waiting on a friend to grab a caffé together, they aren’t showing up and you just have the urge to call out “My God”, but remember that your friend is Italian and you’re gonna want to let them really understand you’re annoyed with the tardiness (hey it’s Italy sometimes you’ve gotta wait), so the best way to do that would be with a good old “Mio Dio”. To be used in situations as stated above and “Mio Dio, quanto ci hai messo?” – My God, how long did it take you to get here?.

How do you say Cool in Italian ?


Ah going down the beautiful streets of an Italian Renaissance town and you can’t contain the love and joy that these cities bring to you. You look down to your left and you see signs for the city’s most important spot, you go and realize how cool all of this is. In this situation, at least in Florence, you can use “ganzo” in other cities you could use “Bella”, “figo”. Cool is one of those words that changes as per English (lit).

How do you say Nothing in Italian ?


Nah, I’m joking (oh Chris you’re so funny). Nothing in Italian is pretty simple it’s “niente”, you’ll be using this in phrases more than on their own. So if someone asks you “Hai bisogno di qualcosa?” – do you need anything? -you’ll give them a “no, niente grazie” (see using that grazie from a couple paragraphs up.)

How to say Awesome in Italian ?


It’s another beautiful day in Florence, Rome, or Milan (it’s up to you where you at) and you go out and enjoy a nice day in the park with some of your friends that you made while on your term abroad. What better way to show your happiness by dropping a “stupendo” to represent your mood and groove.

How do you say No More in Italian ?

You defo know how important food and the culture around it is here in Italy, and sometimes you’ll find yourself in some situations where the food never ends. Maybe a friend invites you over to have lunch with their family and you find yourself being forced to eat soooooo much you wanna explode. Now in this situation, you’ll be wanting to drop a No More, to do so keep this magic formula in mind “Grazie, ma non c’è la faccio più” if you’re in this sitch it’s a life savior.

Seagull rome summer Italy
O Frà!

How to say Brother in Italian ?


You’ve finally made yourself a real Italian friend and want to show them you’re comradery, you can’t be dropping a “BRO” cause that just doesn’t make sense in Italian, but one thing you can do is call him “frà”, it’s abbreviated the same way you do with brother cutting it short at the third letter, I mean it’s “fratello” in Italian and it sounds a bit odd calling someone fratello nowadays.

How to say No Problem in Italian ?


One of the best quality of Italians is being chill, for some they are too chill, but for others it’s the main reason to come here and enjoy their studies. So to be as chill as an Italian you’re gonna have to know how to say “no problem” cause really that’s the epitome of being chill anywhere. So really important on this one cause there are a million ways of saying it. For example “nessun problema” (basic) “non ti preoccupare”, “scialla”, “macchè” and so on…

What does Che mean in Italian ?


This one you probably heard a million times, I mean sometimes Italians don’t understand everything in English and might be inclined to ask “Che?”, it’s exactly what it sounds like, if you’re from a Spanish speaking country you just need to change the “ch” to “qu” and you’ll know what it means, actually probably even if you’re from the US you can imagine what it means, but just in case you didn’t study Spanish in school “che?” means “what?”.

Total Lunar Eclipse at the End of July 2018


For all our lives whenever we’re walking in the path of a light source, we subconsciously know there is a shadow that follows our every move. Nothing new, nothing cool. I mean it was cool when I was 4 years old, but sadly we all grow up and out our young imaginative minds. Thanks to education, our science teachers explained to us why these 2D shapes follow our 3D selves. It’s caused by light-source not being able to pass an opaque (non-transparent) object. Therefore creating a dark space in the area of something we are in-between.

shadow diagram

Like how this bear is in-between the paper (the surface) and the flashlight (light-source).

Imagine this on a big scale, I mean huge! Bigger than a skyscraper’s shadow projected down a street. Think more of this planet’s shadow. Now that’s grand! We see it every night when we look at the moon (if it’s not a full moon), but that too, isn’t spectacular to us anymore. Kind of like gravity. It’s just second nature to us. But for us physics-nerds, we know how strange and spectacular these phenomena are. We have science now explaining why and how this stuff happens, causing us to lose the imaginative side of why and how these things happen. Thank you science!

2018 Lunar Eclipse on July 27th

Get ready to see Earth’s shadow in the longest Lunar Eclipse of this century (2001-2100) on July 27, 2018. The Totality (definition below) will Last 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds to be exact. Apart from the shortest which lasted 4 minutes and 48 seconds back in 2015. Earth’s shadow (scientific term: the Umbra) will be projected onto the moon. Meaning the whole moon will briefly disappear and reappear rusty-red. Often called the “Blood-moon”; caused by the scattered light (Rayleigh Scattering) that passes and bends through Earth’s atmosphere from the sun, hitting the moon.

lunar eclipse

I will post at the bottom of this article on how to see the upcoming Lunar Eclipse based on your location. Also where else in the world the Lunar Eclipse will be visible.  Let’s look at some cool facts and explain some of the scientific-jargon so you can look smart on the night of the 27th in front of your friends.

First, let me get some science definitions out of the way.

  1. The Umbra- Is the dark-center portion of a shadow. No direct light hitting it.
    • Partial shadow is called the penumbra.
  2. Totality- Occurs when and if there is only a total lunar eclipse. Totality is when the whole moon is within the Earth’s umbra (shadow).
  3. Rayleigh Scattering- Is the light bending when it goes through the atmosphere.
    • Reasons why you see bright red and orange skies during the sunset/sunrise.

The lunar eclipse on 27 July 2018 will be visible over Central Asia, Africa, Europe and parts of South America and the South Pacific. Sadly not visible for people in North and Central America. Next one for you guys in North and Central America will be on January 19, 2019. This link shows when and where the next lunar/solar eclipse will occur.

This is the world map of where the July 27, 2018 Lunar Eclipse will be visible.

2018 lunar eclipse

Some  fun facts about eclipses

  • There are 3 different types of lunar eclipses
    • Penumbral Eclipse: involves the Earth’s lighter outer shadow (penumbra) covering the moon. Goes unnoticed by most sky-watchers.
      • A penumbral eclipse is always present when there is a total lunar eclipse.
      • Happening before and after the partial eclipse stage of a total eclipse.
    • Total Eclipse: which completely covers the moon from direct sunlight.
    • Partial Eclipse: when the Earth’s shadow covers just a portion of the moon.
      • Also, present during a total eclipse.
      • Happening right before and right after the totality stage of an eclipse.

  • ‘Syzygy’ is the term for when the Earth, Sun, and Moon align.
    • Well, technically it’s any 3 bodies that align in space.
    • Pronounced: “sizigee”
    • Greek meaning “yoked together”
  • The moon on average moves 4.046 cm (1.6 inches) away from the Earth each year.
    • Meaning the eclipses will be very different in a few billion years.
  • The lunar eclipse of 1504 helped Christopher Columbus get out of a jam!
    • When Columbus and his crew were stranded in Jamaica with the locals, The Arawaks. The Arawaks got tired of feeding them after a few months. So Columbus, to gain their favor back, lied about the upcoming lunar eclipse that is going to happen at the end of February 1504. He told the local Arawaks that his (Colombus’) Gods were mad at the Arawaks, instead of the science of behind the Lunar Eclipse. The Arawaks didn’t want to make the ‘Gods’ mad, so they continued to feed Columbus and his crew.
  • A Lunar eclipse can occur at maximum, 3 times a year.
  • It’s not dangerous to look at the Lunar Eclipse with the naked-eye
    • Only the solar eclipse is when you need special solar glasses to view the eclipse. Just a rule of thumb: You should never look directly at the sun without these solar glasses.
  • Usually eclipses alternate from solar to lunar.
    • Typically, whenever there is a lunar eclipse, a solar eclipse occurs before or after it. Normally within 2 weeks.
    • This year we’re lucky, we get three! There was a partial Solar Eclipse on July 13 and there is going to be another partial Solar Eclipse on August 11.
    • Here’s the link to see if you’re lucky enough to be able to view it.

I urge everyone to go out on the night of the 27th to see the eclipse. It may not sound cool or not be as breathtaking as a total Solar Eclipse. But, once you stick your head up into the night-sky on the 27th. You will truly be blown-back by the sheerness of our Earth and Moon compared to the rest of the universe. There is a whole universe beyond our world. It’s just mind-boggling if you think about it.


  • The best locations to see the eclipse is away from the city cause of all that light pollution.
    • The further away, the clearer it will be seen.
  • If you wish to photograph the eclipse. Sorry iPhone photographers. You will have a hard time capturing the moment. But it never hurts to try, especially with the new iPhone camera upgrades.

During this Lunar Eclipse, you will also be able to spot Mars. It will be the closest and brightest in 15 years. Last time it has gotten this close was 2003. So don’t forget to seek it out. Just as I said before, go to a location out of the city. For light pollution might distort the Red Planet making it seem like a star or not visible at all.

Check this link, type in your city to see all the information about the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. When totality will start? How long it’s going to last in your city? The timeframe for everything. There you go, everything to make you sound like the Galileo of your friend group when looking up at the night sky on the 27th.

See you the night of the 27th, when I’ll also be looking up at the Lunar Eclipse:)


Milan Apple Store Opening and 10 Fun Facts about Apple

Milan amphitheater birdeye

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest and smartest tech-companies ever built. Whether you love Apple or hate them, or like most of my friends (including I) having a love/hate relationship with the fruit-named company. I do admit, I admire their originality and marketing strategies. They always knew what people wanted before we asked (or even knew), always causing ripples throughout the tech world.

2007 is one for the books. When Steve Jobs first showcased the iPhone there was major excitement but also a fair bit of skepticism. An all touchscreen phone with only four buttons (now 3 on the iPhone X). How are we supposed to text? Are you sure an all-touchscreen keyboard will perform just as fast as Blackberry’s hardware keyboard? Zoom 11 years, 18 iPhone releases later and there is no other phone I would rather trust.  

Apple Store in Milano Opening

Coming June 26th, Apple is hosting their 17th Apple Store grand-opening in Italy. Nearly 500 stores worldwide. Specific location: on Piazza Liberty in Milan. Well, I should technically say under Piazza Liberty if we’re getting all technical. Since it’s really a store that’s going to be underground, right under Apple’s new amphitheater/glass screen waterfall display.

Milan Amphitheater


The Apple store in Milano, Italy will be the new flagship store, a first of its kind offering unique architecture by Foster + Partners. Whose designed a few other Apple spaces before like the Paris Apple Store and Campus 2 HQs Building. Milan’s flagship store leaves New York City’s Apple store glass architecture in the dust and what other perfect location than in the world’s pioneer of modern design.

The Apple store in Milano center is hoping to create more than a store for you to go to when something goes wrong with your Mac or iPhone. They wanted and I believe they will successfully create a space for you to go to when on break, to meet friends, to get inspiration. This grand opening was well worth the wait, even though they delayed the grand opening, twice! It was originally set to open in December 2017 and then it was moved to February 2018. Fingers-crossed, it looks like its ready to be unveiled this month on the 26th.

apple feature pic for blog

In honor of the Apple Store in Milano, Italy. Here are some fun facts about the company:

  1. Steve Jobs picked the name ‘Apple’. For the only reason that apples were his favorite fruit.
  2. Everyone knows Steve Jobs as one of the main co-founders of the company and a few have heard of Steve Wozniak, the second co-founder. What most people don’t know is that there was a third co-founder, Ronald Wayne. Unfortunately, Wayne sold his 10% share of the company for $800 in 1976 (when Apple was 12 days old).  
    • Can we ponder on this: if Wayne still owned his 10% of the company he would be a billionaire today. Read his Essay on why Wayne left.
  3. Apple’s revenue is bigger than over 100 country’s GDP.
  4. Steve Jobs last 15 years as the company’s CEO was paid an annual salary of $1. So he can qualify for the company’s health benefits. Despite that, he already was worth about $7 billion.
  5. In Apple’s infancy, Jobs and Wozniak had serious cash problems. In order to buy the parts for their Apple I computer, Jobs had to sell his car and Wozniak sold his pocket-calculator (HP-65 programmable calculator, which got him $500). I can see why Ronald Wayne wanted to leave Apple at the time.
  6. Apple has more than $260 billion in cash, its safe to say no one will have to sell their car or calculator.
  7. iPod’s name was inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odessy
  8. Apple is hoping to become the first company to hit $1 trillion dollars in value. (As of 2018: they’re worth about $945 billion)
  9. The creator of iPod, Tony Fadell. Offered the idea to Real Networks and Phillips, both companies turned him down.
  10. Despite their many successes, they also had plenty of failures. Like the Apple Lisa, Newton PDA, and the monitorless computer: Cube. All of them under the leadership of Jobs.

It has been a long journey for Apple and every year they seem to awe us with new technology. From having an all screen phone, to adding one of the first smart AIs to a phone (Siri), to now having face recognition. Who knows what their next play is? But it is safe to say they will definitely impress us.

Location: Piazza del Liberty, 1 – 20121 Milan


location apple store in milan


Year-round Weather in Florence


And here we are finally at the end of our weather reports (that is for now until we start adding more cities on the blog), don’t worry you know the format by now and I can tell you that it’s gonna be no different than the last two — Weather in Milan & Rome Weather. For Florence weather, you’ll be getting an extremely accurate version though, because that is where we are, and this gives us an advantage on knowing the weather. So get ready and pack up what you can, based on our report on the weather in Florence Italy.


Florence weather in Summer


As per usual, we will start with the summer, cause we’re in it now, and it’s the season where most Florentines complain the most of the Florence weather. It is one of Italy’s hottest cities to live in, because of the valley it’s in. Keep in mind Florence is surrounded by hills, so this creates a pressure vacuum, making the air extremely still and heavy, oh and let’s now forget humid. This is why there are so many great gelaterie in Florence and Florentine pools.


Florence weather in Autumn


Now this season is no doubt the best, as per Rome, Milan, and the rest of the cities in Italy. Finally, some humidity starts to fade away and you still have a decent enough weather to enjoy some parks and the outdoors, like maybe going for a hike in the mountains around Florence. For this season keep in mind that it starts to rain a bit more often than usual so bring your umbrella or buy one when you get here.

Florence weather in Winter


OK, so the problem of cities like Florence is that our summers are really humid and you can’t breathe whilst feel super mopey as if you’re melting away, in the winter it’s always extremely humid but it makes the cold seep inside your bones, yaaaaaay. So keep in mind that for this Florence weather forecast we predict that no coat will keep you warm enough in the Florentine winters, all you have to do is get to anywhere you go super fast. That’s all the advice I can give.

Florence weather in Spring


Finally another beautiful season in Italy, that is unless you suffer from allergies because in Florence pollen flies faster than Bolt in the 100-meter dash. Now keep in mind Florence is full of greenery and this season is also the best to visit it, but you have to take your antihistamines before going on a long walk. But anyway keep in mind that even though it’s still great weather an umbrella is always a must.

Business Schools in Italy

feature pic for bus school italy

So, you want to be a businessperson. Fantasizing of closing million-dollar deals, 20-minute power naps, thousand-dollar suits, and every decision holding weight like a hundred-pound dumbbell, which will either gain you or lose you money and lots of it. Enticing, isn’t it?

But, before you can get to closing deals over lunch at a 5-star restaurant. You need to learn the skills and trade the business experts know. You want to study business, but not only that; you want to take your studies to Italy. A great choice! Home to exquisite Italian food (the pesto is amazing), Roman architecture, and the rest of Europe just right there! Italy hosts some of the oldest, most prestigious universities in the world, dating as far back to 1088 (Univ. of Bologna). Not to mention the endless list of scholars and academic phenomenas that were conceived in this very country. From Galileo, inventing the telescope and proving the Earth revolves the sun; to Leonardo da Vinci discovering the Earth is not flat.

But where to start this nerve-wrecking search? Which Italian Business School is the right match for you? Let’s get started. Italy’s university system is just like any other:

-Bachelor of Science (known as “Laurea” in Italy) 3 years to complete

-Master of Science (“Laurea Magistrale”) 2 years to complete

– PhD/Doctorate ( “Dottorato”) varies 3-6 years

A majority of the universities are state-run and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. And if you decide to choose a private university make sure it is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. Accreditation from the Ministry ensures that your school’s curriculum has been thoroughly reviewed and is on par with your peers at different schools.

Italy has many cities, each of which has its own distinct flair, culture, and tradition. Here are some of the cities to study if you are a student: Milan, Rome, Pisa, and Bologna are among the most popular student cities in Italy.

intro picture business blog


A modern hub that hasn’t lost touch with its historical past, having a total population of 1.4 million. Known as a leading pioneer of modern fashion and design, Milan also offers a lot for its business and economic students. A total of 8 universities operate within the city; serving a high student population and a great nightlife.

Popular Sites: Sforza Castle, Piazza del Duomo, Santa Maria Delle Grazie (also where the painting: ‘The Last Supper’ is displayed)


  • University of Milano-Bicocca
    • Founded in 1998.
    • Offers 5 international courses taught in English. Like its Masters (Laurea Magistrale) in International Economics.
  • Bocconi University
    • Founded 1902
    • One of Europe’s top Business schools offering many courses in English (also in Spanish, German, and Portuguese) for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. students. From Economics, to Finance, to Management, and Marketing. They offer a wide spectrum of business degrees.

bocconi school of bus


Where you can go to, to become the next gladiator, if you’re up to the challenge. Rome still deeply rooted in its Roman past (spanning 28 centuries back). This City of churches and ruined buildings has a special place in my heart. Everything Everywhere has a story.

Popular Sites: The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel (in the Vatican Museum).


  • Sapienza University
    • founded 1303
    • offers a number of degrees for Business students who are planning to get a Masters or Ph.D. From Finance and Economics, to Management and Banking Sciences, to Business and Protection Laws.
  • LUISS Business School
    • Founded 1986
    • LUISS Business school is ranked top 1% of International business training programs in the world; only awarded to 150 schools out of 15,000 surveyed. At LUISS they offer a plethora of Master degree programs relating to business, management, and finance.



Ahhh, if you’re someone like me, who likes some peace and quiet (or should I say?  “Pisa and quiet”). Pisa has a lot to offer! Aside from the typical ‘leaning tower pose’ (you know, where you pretend to hold up the Leaning Tower). You are close to everything, Milan, Florence, Genoa, Tuscany, and the beautiful Cinque Terre. This quiet destination and maybe your next home; is perfect if you’re not a fan of nightclubs and big metropolitan areas.

Popular Sites: Tower of Pisa, Pisa Cathedral, Knight’s Square, Arno River.


  • Università di Pisa
    • Founded in 1343. But records show it dating back to the 11th century
    • University of Pisa offers a number of courses taught in English, like their Bachelors of Management in Business and Economics and their Master of Economics.
    • Fun fact: Galileo Galilei is one of their many famous alumni.



Though, not well known amongst foreigners;  this small, historic town is very popular among the Italian population for its many rich cuisines. The 7th most populous city in Italy has its fair share of churches, towers, and long, beautiful porticos. Bologna was awarded 1st place out of 107 Italian cities for its quality of life by II Sole 24 ore (Italian Newspaper) back in 2011. This town is covered in shades of red, burnt orange, and vibrant yellows; and for that, it has received a special nickname: ‘Bologna la Rossa’ (Bologna the Red).

Popular Sites: Piazza Maggiore, Fountain of Neptune, San Petronio Basilica, Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca.


  • University of Bologna
    • Founded 1088
    • Bologna Business School offers many Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. programs for business students in English. From Finance, Management, and Economics, to Marketing and Communications.
  • The Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Center
    • Founded 1955
    • JHU is a widely respected, well-known school around the globe for its research and education. This Bologna Center is the perfect choice for you to advance your knowledge and career; and will truly separate you from the crowd if you decide to pursue your post-graduates here.
  • P.S. If you do decide to study in Bologna. Don’t forget to take some classes at their Gelato University where you can learn how to make authentic Italian ice-cream.

bologna school pic

Here were some of the universities in the most prominent parts of Italy. It’s up to you to find the university that matches your personality and academic-outlook. Don’t forget to look at other popular destination like Florence, Genoa, and Venice.

Other Universities:

What else should you know before applying?


Entry and Visa regulations to study in Italy matters on your nationality (EU Citizen or Non-EU Citizen).

EU Citizens: You do not require a visa. A valid ID/Passport will do.

Non-EU Citizens: You require a student visa which can be obtained from the Italian Embassy in your home country. (Apply 3-5 months before arrival to allow ample processing time)

EU and Non-EU Citizen: Both require a residence permit which can be obtained at the police-station/post office upon arrival. EU students have to apply within 3 months of arrival. Non-EU students have to apply within 8 days.

Other requirements for a visa:

  1. Visa Application and Application Fee
  2. Passport-sized photo (recent)
  3. Valid travel documentation
  4. Proof of accommodation (Very important, I suggest looking for accommodation right after receiving an acceptance letter)
  5. Universities Acceptance Letter
  6. Financial means (proof that you are financially stable)
  7. Health Insurance

Italy Business schools may have their own requirements for international students. So it is always good to check with the school on what they would like before going through government channels applying for a visa and resident permits. Check the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair for up to date information on the visa applications.

Other Conditions:

  1. You can’t ever have been refused entry into Italy or have a criminal record
  2. Valid Passport with a few blank pages

There you have it! Everything to help you transition into your new life, here in Italy. I wish you the best of luck on your journey, academics, and career. And don’t forget to relax and explore the rest of Europe over break. Europe is a magical place, especially during the winter months, when all those pesky-tourist are back home.



Florentine Pools

summer pool 2018 florence
pool side floaty
Florence Pool

Just in case you’re not feeling the heatwave like the rest of us in Florence atm, I’ll tell you we’re boiling here, I mean you can just read our last 4 articles to understand how hot and humid it’s in the whole country. I think I wrote it at the beginning of every intro. You know those creative juices are flowing strongly in this one. Anyway, we’ve got the cure for you now that you know how hot it is, all those public places you can go and visit to sit, have a nice refreshing drink, take a sweet ass dunk in the pool. Ops….well I said it, we’re gonna go on a whole Florence pool list, you can get some laps in if you’ve only been studying all day and not getting much exercise (sure studying, we know what you’re doing, but its okay cause swimming is great for everything). So here we’ll give you a list of public pools and some other pools that are Hotel owned, but that gives you the chance to reserve a spot (keep in mind this is the pricey option, like tres pricey compared to a public pool.

So here is the Florence pool list you’ll want for the time you’re here and boiling in the heat.

kids in the water pool Public Pools in Florence



Viale Paoli, Florence, +39 055-6236027 – +39 055-6241274

Open Tue — Sun 10:00 am — 6:00 pm; Mon 2:00 pm — 6:00 pm

Mon — Fri 8.00€, Sat — Sun 9.00€


Between the Artemio Franchi Stadium where Fiorentina plays, and the Campo di Marte station is where you’ll find the Costoli pool, this place is one of the most frequented by Florentines. It’s a kind of Florence swimming pool with a great green area where you can relax if you don’t want to stay too close to the “casino” of the poolside, and if you feel a bit riskier you can jump from one the three diving boards


Nannini Bellariva

Lungarno Aldo Moro 6, Florence, +39 055-677521

Open every day from 8:00 am — 10:00 pm

Week round 7.00€


Bellariva is another pool that is instilled in the heart of Florentines, in the area of Coverciano close to the Arno River. There is a lot of green, but the last time I was there they didn’t have many deck chairs. This means bring your towels (aka “teli”). Most of the people I know use this as a Florence Swimming Pool for sports to practice during the week, cause on the weekends it is insane and you really don’t enjoy yourself.

summer pool 2018 florence

Le Pavoniere 

Via della Catena 2, Florence, +39 334-5210999

Open every day from 10:00 am — 7:30 pm

Mon — Fri 8.00€, Sat-Sun 10.00€


Inside the Cascine park, you’ll find the Le Pavonerie the Cascine park Florence swimming pool, this place is a bit fancier as a public pool. Usually, in the summer they also have a fair amount of events for aperitivo, and sometimes its open till late and you can still use the pool in during said events. So when you’re around the Cascine and you’re boiling hot, go in Le Pavoniere for a swim.



Via Mercati 24/B, Florence, +39 055-477978

Open every day from 10:00 am — 7:00 pm

Mon — Fri 8.00€, Sat-Sun 9.00€


Flog in Florence is one of the places that everyone knows, it’s one of those trendsetters that brought almost everything to Florence, from the first public pool (as one can imagine in an article about pools in Florence) and the best names in entertainment. So maybe you know about a gig that you want to see in the evening, get to Flog and go for a swim while you wait.

pool water 2018 summer

Klab Marignolle

Via del Ferrone 5, Florence, +39 055-708787

Open Mon — Fri 7:00 am — 10:30 pm, Sat 8:00 am — 8:00 pm, Sun 9:00 am — 7:00 pm


Now, this is not an actual public pool, it’s the pool of a gym, but it’s not actually a hotel so we’re popping it in here. So if you go to the Klab Marignolle, you’ll not only have a great place to relax, but also an amazing view of the hills of Florence. It costs 25 € to get in, so a bit more pricey than the other options, but you’ll love the atmosphere.


beautiful pool side
jokes on you this ain’t Florence

Hotels in Florence with pools

Here we’re gonna add a little list of Hotels with pools in Florence Italy that offer pools that are open to the public, obviously they do not come cheap compared to the public pools stated above, but hey maybe you want some quiet time and don’t really care about the price tag, cause I mean you’ve gotta treat yourself some time, I mean we’re talking about Florence hotels with pool. Oh and some of them are 5 star hotels in Florence with swimming pool.

One very important thing is that these places are pretty far out, so keep in mind that you’ll have to take a bus or you can also use a car-sharing service.


Villa San Michele

Via Doccia, 4, Fiesole, +39 055-5678200

65 €, reservations required


Italiana Hotels Firenze Sud

Viale Europa 205, Florence, +39 055-6533316

Mon — Fri 18 € full day, 12 € half day, Weekends 22 €, 16 € half day


Villa Le Rondini 

Via Bolognese Vecchia 224, Florence, +39 055-400081

Mon — Fri 18 €, Weekends 22 €; booking not required


Villa Il Salviatino

Via del Salviatino 21, Fiesole, +39 055-9041111

80 €, booking advisable

My Trip to Cinque Terre, Italy

Riomaggoire (june 2018), Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, a beautiful place. Or should I say 5 beautiful places? Cinque Terre meaning five lands is just off the coast of the Italian Riviera. These five fishing villages hidden in the mountains have gone through quite a change, thanks to social media. A major thanks to the Instagrammers who have posted photos of these isolated villages; drawing the masses from all parts of the world, to discover the small picturesque coastal cities. The five towns that complete the Cinque Terre National Park are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza (a personal favorite), Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

Each town has something different to offer than the next. In this article, we will journey through all five villages and I will do my best to help alleviate some of the hassle and confusion of traveling between all five villages. Visiting Cinque Terre offers many sorts of activities for all people: you can hike, boat, or my favorite, just stroll through all 5 cities and dine on the best seafood you can imagine (Calamari are amazing here!).


How to pronounce Cinque Terre?

When I  first read the name: Cinque Terre. I pronounced it like “sink-que terre”. DO NOT say it like that, to help save yourself from utter-embarrassment. The correct way is   “Chinq-way Te’ray”. It definitely helps hearing it. Here is a 20-second video of the pronunciation: 


Cinque Terre Italy Map

Here are the five towns of Cinque Terre.

map of five towns Cinque Terre

Monterosso al Mare

The only one of the five villages with a true sandy beach. This Northernmost point of Cinque Terre is the biggest village, filled with the most accommodations for travelers. Monterosso is also the least hilly; for people who are carrying a bit too much, book a hotel/apartment here. Aside from the beach and accommodations, this mini-city offers a lot to see, like the old town and new town. Monterosso is also the only one with a long, beautiful seaside promenade. Famous for its Lemon Trees and Anchovies
Sights: The Castle (partially ruined), the church of St. John the Baptist, Monterosso Giant, the beach.

cinque terre


My favorite of the five villages. And one of the smallest of the five. This single street town does have a tiny beach. With a beautiful Piazza Marconi that is facing the sea and mountains, don’t forget to sit and grab a drink and enjoy the view. Also, a church that’s open to the public is right on the water (in Piazza Marconi).
Sights: Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia, Doria Castle, Piazza Marconi

venazza bird eye view


The smallest of the five and the most remote. The village of Corniglia rests on top of a mountain overlooking the Italian Riviera and hosts a breathtaking view of Manarola off in the distance. Corniglia, since it’s on a mountaintop (also the reason why ferries don’t stop here), you will have to climb 300-400 steps to get to the city. From my experience and personal opinion, if you’re going to visit Cinque Terre for a single day. I suggest knocking Corniglia out of the way first. I without much research made Corniglia my last stop, and man when I saw the steps, I let out a little cry (i powered through!). The narrow alleyways of Corniglia reminded me of Venice.
(*Tip* take advantage of its remoteness, Corniglia is often the least crowded with tourist)

corniglia picture


Another small town, with a single windy, uphill road. I stayed in Manarola and would do it again! This quiet destination has access to water, but no sand beaches. There are ladders built on the sides of rocks to help you get in and out of the water safely. There is also a long stretch of walkway carved-out on the side of the mountain where people go to see the sunset and take the most popular photos of all of Cinque Terre. (Here is a photo I took at that spot at the end of June 2018)

Manarola (june 2018)


Last but not least is the town of Riomaggiore. This town is often the most crowded because of its compact-size (though Monterosso usually has the most people). This Easternmost fishing village also has a single windy road going uphill (kind of like Manarola, but more elongated), filled with restaurants and shops. Here is where I ate the best calamari in my life. You will find so many restaurants and takeaway places,
your choice is as good as mine. (Here is another photo I took at the end of June 2018 in Riomaggiore)

Riomaggoire (june 2018), Cinque Terre

Trip Length

You may be asking yourself how long should I really stay? There are 5 villages so maybe 5 days, right? Well, it depends on the type of traveler you are: a limited traveler, a relaxed traveler, or a backpacker.

  • Limited Travelers: You can do Cinque Terre in one day; you wouldn’t be doing it justice, but you do have time to discover each village. If time/money are limited, a day trip will be great.
  • Relaxed traveler: If you are traveling with no constraints and have time to relax, I suggest 3 days is more than enough time. You can visit two cities each day, leaving one for the last day. And if you are the super-relaxed traveler that likes to spend all morning/afternoon time on the beach and then head to the city. 5 days at this paradise will be far more than enough time for you to be lazy and disconnect from the real-world (ahhhh, soothing).
  • Backpacker: Next type of traveler and the type of traveler I personally am. Is the backpacker’s mindset traveler. I’m not sure if that’s a real term to describe it. But the way I feel when I travel is if I can go to another place close by after visiting the main destination, I will. Or if you are actually backpacking through Italy and want to get the most out the shortest time. 2 full days will be enough. (*backpackers tip* for CT I suggest going to all five villages the first day and then the second day go back to all but spend more time at your favorite cities).

Cinque Terre in three days

Here are a few things to do while in Cinque Terre:

  1. Hiking: (full day/half day) Be sure to hike at least one trail. For the views and landscapes are unbelievable. Hiking-junkies plan a whole day to hike the whole Cinque Terre Trail. Just make sure to check the tourism offices about which trail is open/closed and what their fees are.
    • Hiking all of Cinque Terre can take between 6-8 hours. Most difficult trail: Monterosso to Vernazza. Easiest trail: Riomaggiore to Manarola.
    • The best place to start is Monterosso at 6-7AM when it’s still cool out.
  2. Village hoping: (full day) Visit each town throughout the day. Have breakfast in Monterosso, then head to Vernazza for a stroll. Before heading to Corniglia be sure to have water, you’ll have to climb 350 steps. Enjoy the views of being at the highest points in Cinque Terre, after Corniglia head to Manarola for lunch and a swim. Then off to Riomaggiore for the dinner and drinks.
  3. Wander: (full day/half day) make sure to just follow the wind, if you have been to all five towns. Go back to your favorites. Wander the streets, you won’t get lost. Each town is small with less than 3-4 streets.
  4. Swimming: (half day) you’re in one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world! Go for a swim, snorkel if your heart desires. Riomaggiore has a number of shops that lets you rent gear.
  5. Wine tasting: (half day) If you love wine, squeeze in a wine tasting at one of the vineyards at the top of the villages.

Trains from Florence to Cinque Terre

Many trains run to Cinque Terre from Florence each and every day. Make sure to check Trenitalia and Italo for each has competitive pricing, along with different classes and trip-length. Whichever one of the five towns in Cinque Terre you want to visit first, you will have to make one transfer in La Spezia. No matter which train you take (highspeed, regional, etc.), La Spezia is the main hub for you to get onto  Cinque Terre’s train line that runs along all five coastal towns.

Check these websites for the best prices:


Train Line


Cinque Terre transportation between all five towns

Transportation is very easy. You have the options, either by train or ferry (Ferries don’t go to Corniglia). The train is the easiest way; a day pass (16 Euros), two-day pass (29 Euros), or a three-day pass (41 Euros). Trains stop in all five villages with a distance time of 5-10 minutes between each village. Traveling by ferry, a day pass costs 35 Euros, with this stiff-price you will be getting the best views of Cinque Terre and its towns from the water.

Cinque Terre Restaurants

I will not name any restaurants. I am not a food critic, nor do I think it is fair to take business away from other restaurants who have just as delicious food. For the three days I went, I chose restaurants and takeaway places at random, just by peeking from their menu and looking at my budget. And all of them were perfect!
What I will tell you about food in Cinque Terre is the type of food you should try.
Did I mention calamari? You definitely need to put calamari on your food bucket-list when visiting Cinque Terre. The pesto was amazing! Artichoke and anchovies are both popular here.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Cinque Terre will open your eyes. Out of this world architecture, you can only see on TV and in movies. Unforgettable seafood. This town is for every type of traveler, just make sure not to jam-pack too much in one day. Be sure to just stroll up and down the streets of all five towns, just to take it all in. Do some walking tours/boat tours, learn about the history and the men who protected the lands from the pirates back in the day. Drink some white wine and watch the sunset, you’ll have the time of your life!


Year-round Weather in Milan


How is the Weather in Milan?

After giving you a report on when are the best times to go to Rome, we thought why not do this with Milan weather as well — don’t worry we’ll be talking about Florence in another chapter soon. So Milan weather, being is all the way up north, not at the tippy top, but still you can imagine that northern Italy weather isn’t gonna be as warm as what you’ve felt in Rome, but don’t despair the summers are as suffocating as they are everywhere except the beach in this country (wooooooop woooooooop). We’re gonna do just as last time and give you a quick rundown based on the seasons, a quick weather forecast Milan (so quick, I forgot to put the “in” in). So here we go on a weather in Milan seasonal check.

The Weather in Milan in?


Cause it’s always a good idea to follow a format as to bring about brand continuity, we’re gonna follow the same steps starting in the summer. As every city humidity in Milan is a killer in the summer, I mean it’s a metropolis and nothing is as humid as a nice big metropolis in the summer. So hopefully you’re not taking an extremely formal course where you’ll have to wear a suit in the summer, cause you’ll be regretting it. But keep in mind that the weather in Milan in the summer is also a great time to go visit the lakes that surround it, so don’t despair.

milan weather

The Weather in Milan in?


As per usual in Italy, once the heatwave dies down you can breath and enjoy a nice breeze, without having to cover up too much. That is until the weather in November kicks in, cause there you’ll start getting the first chills. So keep in mind that you’ll be able to walk about with a light jacket, but just in case bring something heavy as well cause you’ll be hitting a 5°C low. Also, don’t forget that you’ll need an umbrella cause oooooh boy does it rain.

The Weather in Milan in?


Nothing like the crisp weather of a winters day. NO. I mean maybe yes if you’re into it (I’m definitely not one for the cold as you can tell from that intro). So winter in Milan is a hassle, the lows are at a constant -1/1 and the highs get only up to 10°C, but anyway let’s put aside the weather for a moment and think about all the nice coats you can wear in the fashion capital of Italy, plus if you get lucky and catch some snow you’ll get a chance to see some beautiful 1800s buildings (that are already beautiful on their own) covered in snow and that is a sight to see no doubt.

The Weather in Milan in?


Finally the end of the cold and another one of those great seasons to be in the country, cause just in case you haven’t realised, the weather in Italy in the spring/autumn are the best. Let’s look at some highs and lows we’re talking about a 20°C average high and a 12°C average low. So light jackets all the way and don’t forget to bring your crazy ones cause it is the Fashion Capital of Italy.

Where are those gelatos in Florence?


So after telling you about the heat wave in Rome, it’s time to cool down with some nice Florentine Gelato — don’t go calling it ice-cream, cause they’re two different things, even though most people know that by now, it’s good to make sure, so ice cream is made with heavy cream and gelato is made from milk — and you know that we always got you covered here at StudentsVille, I mean every list we drop is useful in some shape or form. Anyway, I’ll be also following a classic video on the best gelato in Florence that was on our channel, but with the proper corrections, cause some of the gelaterie moved their locations. Maybe it’s only one actually, but we’ll make sure you know. So get your pocket change ready, put on your gelato face on and go about the town stuffing your face on the best treat in the heat.

gelateria santa trinità con vista

Gelateria Santa Trinita

Piazza Dei Frescobaldi 8r

On the “di là d’Arno” side of Ponte Santa Trinità you’ll find the Gelateria Santa Trinità (pretty obvs), the first Gelateria we’ll be talking about in our list. All of their flavors are made from the best ingredients and they also sell some of their base products at Emporio right next door, so if you love their pistachio, you have to get a bag of Pistacchi di Bronte, Italy’s best pistachios.

la cantina del gelato firenze gelato

Cantina del Gelato

Via de’ Bardi 31

Always on the “di là d’Arno” side, you’ll find the Cantina del Gelato, an artisanal gelateria that makes all their flavors in-house. Lately, they opened another location in Borgo la Croce that is between Piazza Beccaria and Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, so wherever you are you can grab a quick gelato al cioccolato and keep touring along.

Venchi cioccolato chocolate fountain


Via dei Calzaiuoli 65r

Venchi is one of Italy’s most renowned chocolatiers. Before it was only in Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, now you’ll find them on Via dei Calzaiuoli and inside the SMN Train Station. They started out making the best chocolates and chocolate gelato, now they have a variety of flavors to pick from. But don’t just grab a gelato, once you’re there get yourself some chocolates to bring home, and every time you’re missing Florence have one to remind you of the town.

grom il gelato come una volta


Via del Campanile 2

Grom Florence is another gelateria that grew so much that you can find some locations in NYC as well. Born in Turin, it brought Gelato to the world on a whole new level. When you see the line that forms at Grom you understand how good the gelato in Florence will be. So why not take 20 minutes and wait in line (luckily it’s in a nice and shady street, so no need to suffer).

gelateria carabé


Via Ricasoli 60r

On the way to Piazza SS Annunziata from the Duomo, you’ll find Carabé. A gelateria that isn’t only famous for its gelato, but also for its granite. A granita is what you can loosely translate as an Italian Ice, but here no one uses syrups, they make them from scratch using fruit and water, and God are they refreshing on days like these.

il Procopio gelateria

Il Procopio

Via Pietrapiana 60r

In Piazza de’ Ciompi you’ll find Il Procopio, it’s a staple for the locals that love artisanal gelato. Its run by husband and wife and has won a great number of awards in the past, and man can you taste it. One of their staples is Lemon and Basil, so don’t pass on the opportunity to try it once you’re there.

Vestri Gelateria


Borgo degli Albizi 11r

Vestri is another chocolatier that also specializes in gelato. So if you need some chocolate gelato in Florence, Vestri is the place for you. You can find it in Piazza Salvemini and if you’re in Florence during easter you’ll recognize it because of all the easter eggs they have at the storefront.

Also, the last thing about Vestri, compared to the last chocolatier we talk about in our article, I do believe it shows a more authentic side of Florence than Venchi, try both and see for yourself.

Carapina gelateria


Piazza Guglielmo Oberdan 2r

Let’s get out of the city center for once, I mean I don’t think everybody has an apartment in the historical center anyway. So if you’re residing on the other side of Piazza Beccaria, don’t worry there are a number of gelaterie to try, but we’re gonna advise you to go to Carapina in Piazza Oberdan.

Gelateria de’ Neri

Via dei Neri 9/11r

Now Gelateria de’ Neri has become my seasons favorite, I never used to go cause it was crammed with tourists, so I always thought it would take a day to get a gelato, but no my friends they serve gelato super fast so no need to worry about the lines. At gelateria Dei Neri my favorite is the Salted butter caramel, oh Lord it’s amazing, like so amazing I might go and grab a cono after lunch.

gelateria La Carraia

Gelateria La Carraia

Piazza Nazario Sauro 25r

We started “Di là d’Arno” we finish di là d’Arno. Gelateria La Carraia is a must if you’re visiting Florence and walking down the Lungarno. You probably just finished having lunch in Santo Spirito, and now you’re craving a nice gelato. Walk towards the river and you’ll find Ponte alla Carraia and that’s where you’ll stop for dessert.


Even though I said that we were done at Gelateria La Carraia, I lied, we need to add Gelateria Vivoli to this list. For all my years in Florence, every Florentine would go on about Vivoli’s Crema, and I do understand why. When I first arrived here people would bring me all the time and I loved every flavor I had. So if you’re in Santa Croce get your ass to Vivoli, and if you don’t feel like ordering cream, have any other flavor for a great Vivoli Florence experience.

 So here is some of the best gelato in Florence, go out and when the heat is killing you go to one of these locations, and if you can’t find one of these and find a new pearl do let us know cause we’re gonna have to try it as well. Oh and don’t forget to watch our Gelato in Florence video below. 

ps You might be wondering how to get that map on your phone without having to open another app or using extra data, no worries we’ve got a map you can quickly download on your phone. Here you go.