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WineTown I Love Wine(Town)! Facebook Photo Contest

Now that's true love.

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Whitney is an American living in Florence, Italy since 2009. She has lots to tell you and, in return, wants you to do more than just love the city. Learn some of the language, participate in the culture, be aware of the differences. Don't visit Florence... take part in it! Help create global consciousness. She's rooting for you.

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  • Kristina

    I don’t know, as an RN of over 30 years, in various hpoistal settings, areas, specialties, there is more to be kept in mind than simple slogans. They won’t get you through a shift. Intelligence, knowing what you are doing you are doing in the correct way, self confidence, these are more major factors in keeping RN attrition people fleeing nursing down. Its hard and thankless, the pay isn’t all good. The thank you of a patient is meaningful, but we all know they’re more likely to write administration or your supervisor over some perceived problem, having to wait for something, and so on. This is also coming up to Nurse’s week .wonder if we’ll get those tacky angel nurse pins again this year, or a pen? Its nice to be appreciated. You go to work and do your job because of self integrity, not those little things and, for me, not slogans about how great and loved we are.


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