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Eating Ethnic in Florence

While I would argue that it is nearly impossible to get sick of Italian food, there is no doubt that cravings hit hard and cannot be stopped. There are times when only fajitas or fried rice will satisfy; and the good news is Florence has you covered. So if you find yourself needing a break from the pizza, pasta, and Panini (we’ve all been there), here are the places you should try. ------------------------- ...

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How To: Go Out Like an American in Florence

How to: Go out like an American in Florence by: Kate Sefton As an American living, studying and working in Florence, I have noticed many cultural differences. The nightlife culture is no exception. The biggest difference I have noticed since coming to Florence is that there is something to do, somewhere to go, and someone to see, every night of the week. Due to the high amount of study abroad participants t ...

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Marinara Pizza – What’s it all about?

The first time I saw a marinara pizza in Florence, I assumed the restaurant had made a mistake. A pizza with no cheese seemed wrong, almost sinful. But after rereading the menu and seeing that the delicacy does in fact exist, I became intrigued. A pizza with no cheese allows for the often-understated players of a standard pizza to shine and for those who are lactose-intolerant or, although I struggle with y ...

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