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Uncle Jimmy’s: A Home Away from Home

To begin, it should be understood that although Uncle Jimmy’s is not an upscale Italian bar where one can go to immerse themselves into the Italian culture, does not mean it isn’t a place to check out. Many students come 3,000 miles away from home to study abroad. That is a brave step all in its own. Familiarity with a bar or restaurant they’ve never been to, can surely make the experience easier and in man ...

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Ganzo: Life’s Learning Lab

When I moved to Florence in 2013, it was a bittersweet transition for me. While I was excited and eager to start a new life and gain more independence, at the same time, I was somewhat apprehensive that I might not fit in or would miss out on the typical American college experience. I used to envision myself moving into a dorm, becoming best friends with my roommate, and making a second home out of my belov ...

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Eating Ethnic in Florence

While I would argue that it is nearly impossible to get sick of Italian food, there is no doubt that cravings hit hard and cannot be stopped. There are times when only fajitas or fried rice will satisfy; and the good news is Florence has you covered. So if you find yourself needing a break from the pizza, pasta, and Panini (we’ve all been there), here are the places you should try. ------------------------- ...

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