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On Island Time: My Take on Sicily

On Island Time: My Take on Sicily By: Kate Sefton Being in Taormina felt like being in a new country. The Italian way of life that I have become accustomed to over the past few months was completely different than the way of life in Sicily. The culture in Sicily was very different from that in Florence. Coming from America, I thought that the Florentine way of life was drastically slowed down from my typica ...

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Taormina, Sicily- the food, the sites, the fun

When study abroad students are planning their spring breaks, they tend to look at the common beach cities such as Barcelona and Lisbon. After spending a week in Taormina, Sicily, though, I would encourage students to open up their minds to this quieter but beautiful beach city. Located on the east coast of Sicily, Taormina is a city on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful sea. The people of Taormina are ...

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A Viking’s Tale of the American College Experience in Florence

Ciao tutti! My name is Andrea. I am a 21 year old college student from Iceland currently studying and living in Florence, Italy. Iceland is a very small country and I can even bet that most people can’t point it out on a map. So, in effect, the culture is really small. You could say that Iceland is like a small town in America. To give you an example: if something is stolen from you or you lose it, post it ...

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